The Team

Dr Deniz Mederer, Co-Founder
Graduated with a PhD in Genetics at FAU in 2006. With strong analytical and communication skills she worked in public relations, specifically science transfer. Whilst successfully managing a 3-kids family, she co-founded eHealth@Mederer in 2021 with inventing and filing a patent for validating medical self-tests.

Soul Mate
You have both, similarities and differences. You share our vision and similar intuition for how our company and market will evolve. You share the same level of commitment and want to create a company that will endure. You bring in complementary expertise and like to sweat the details. Is this you? Then let’s talk.

Dr Markus Mederer, Co-Founder
Entrepreneur with Mederer GmbH since 2011, offering business and IT consulting services, mandated by several major Swiss banks, graduated with a PhD in Information Systems at FIM Research Center in 2007. Consulting the financial industry since 2004, he focuses on designing and prototyping powerful IT solutions for innovative digital and automated services.