Today’s QR codes

Today it’s about a QR code – the Covid certificate QR code.

Technology at its best: digitally signed, privacy first, EU compatible, open source, and security audited.

But IF, WHERE is the risk?

The risk is HUMAN

The RISK is the ID. So not the ID itself, but rather the PERSON who is supposed to check the ID.

It’s because the certificate’s QR code is ACTUALLY incomplete.

It contains a NAME, but WHERE is the associated face of it? How do I, as the verificator, know what the person who owns the certificate looks like? Certainly not from the certificate’s QR code.

I get this information from the ID, which must also be shown. It links the name to the face of the person presenting it!

Laborious and REALLY prone to errors!

Completing the QR code with BIOMETRICS.

So HOW can we reduce this human risk?

By completing the QR code.

Expand biometrically. And also integrate the face in the QR code. NO image of the face, but a biometric vector.

The cool thing is that we don’t need our own sensors like FaceID. Our biometrics work via the smartphone camera.

Sounds complicated? We think so too! BUT we have found the best partner for biometrics in Switzerland for the implementation. Biometrics Security and Privacy group at Idiap Research Institute!

Our MVP is clear and ready to implement. There will of course still be a human and manual component in the MVP, but with THIS MVP we can train our biometric system right now.

It is not the restaurant visit! It’s the big events!

Have YOU ever checked 30,000 IDs, manually, in times when shaking hands is an absolute NO GO?

WE create a real WIN-WIN situation for verificators and visitors

A simple control for the verificator, even fully automatable and MORE security for the visitor.

Our product creates comfort and works for ALL personalized tickets.